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.Name: LalithaFriday 20th of November 2015

.Name: AlfretepWednesday 11th of November 2015

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.Name: sailakshmysyamWednesday 11th of November 2015

.Name: MThursday 5th of November 2015

Thank you so much for your selfless effort in making the shlokas and meaning available so readily. Best wishes and pranam to you.
.Name: AlfretepFriday 30th of October 2015

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.Name: R.RAVICHANDRANWednesday 28th of October 2015

.Name: Radha Sukumaran Friday 2nd of October 2015

Pranam madam, Really appreciate your good work. Very useful to have a clear meaning through the translation. May Lord bless all of us. Thanks and regards Radha
.Name: Sunday 27th of September 2015

.Name: NikevvfreeSunday 13th of September 2015

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.Name: NikewwfreeSunday 13th of September 2015

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.Name: hariharan subramanianSaturday 29th of August 2015

.Name: Saturday 8th of August 2015

.Name: Sunday 2nd of August 2015

.Name: AshaMonday 6th of July 2015

No words to describe my gratitude ! Thanks a lot !! Heart full of love .......
.Name: lalithaFriday 26th of June 2015

.Name: balaji sSaturday 20th of June 2015

Dear Madam, Wish to thank you for the excellent effort in providing this wonderful sankrit text with translation. May blessings of lord guruvayurppan be always with you ! with best wishes, balaji
Name: SreejaFri, Apr 10, 2015

Highly appreciate for the great work done especially the word by word translation.I was searching for this sort of translation for a long time so happy to see this work.
Wish you the Best in all your endeavours.
Sreeja jayakumar
Name: Hitendra GandhiThu, Mar 19, 2015

I visited your Website and congratulate you for a great work.
For reading/studying offline do you have pdf version of this? Please send because this is only site giving word to word meaning in hindi.
Are you aware about any Gujarati translation (prose or poetry)?
Name: Jayaprakash BhattWed, Feb 11, 2015

Om namo narayanaya...
With the divine blessings of lord guruvayoorappa, I am lucky to have your great efforts in the desk top of my computer, and since them I am fully utilising my time. Whenever I get some free time, I find some time to read the treasure of Bhagawatam. Thanks a lot and regards,
Jayaprakash Bhat.
Name: Sudha RamaswamiSat, Aug 9, 2014

Respected Madam,

I was wondering if there would be asite that neatly gives the slokas of Sri Dhruva Charitram dashakam and was overjoyed to have found your site - a brilliant service indeed to Lord Sriman Narayana and His Devotees!! May He bless You and Your loved ones with ayur, arogya, saukhyam!!

Best Regards,
Sudha Ramaswami
Name: Parsu NuraniFri, Jul 25, 2014

Pranam Ashaji:

My wife and I really like your Narayaneeyam-firststep website. I took all the pdf documents from your website and combined into a single pdf file with links for easy navigation. It can easily load into a ipad or tablet and can be used in a disconnected mode. I wanted you to have it so you can distribute to more devotees.

By the way Shobha, my wife, has been chanting Narayaneeyam from a very early age and has been teaching for several years in Atlanta, GA, USA where we have settled since 1990.

Once again we thank you for all your effort. You have created a real nice document.


Parsu Nurani
Name: v sanojWed, Mar 5, 2014

Thank you for putting up narayaneeyam with word to word translation.. God bless you!
Name: Sharada R KrishnanSat, Jan 18, 2014


very beautifully done site. thanks a ton for the lovely translation work word to word. is this available in book format. though i can download them chapter wise, a book would be nice to invest on!

please let me know.

ram ram radhekrishna
Name: A. Sivathanu Pillai ( Mississauga, Canada)Sun, Nov 17, 2013


I have been searching for word by word English translation of Sriman Narayaneeyam. Your website provided valuable help in understanding the concept of slokas. Thanks for your remarkable contribution.
please let me know.

ram ram radhekrishna
Name: Revathy KrishnanThu, Oct 24, 2013

Narayanam wonderfully written and beautiful explained about Krishnan
Name: Muthu kumarFri, Sep 27, 2013

We wish to thank you for the great work done by you on the Narayaneeyam – by putting this on the net. Thanks and may God bless you and your family.

It will be good if you can include the benefits of chanting the Shlokas for a certain number of days and its benefits.
Name: George EluvathingalThu, Aug 22, 2013

Dear Asha,

I was waiting for this moment for many years. It is was one of my dreams to study Narayaneeyam in Sanskrit. I have been a Sanskrit student for some time. So I bought the Narayaneeyam poem in the book form but each sloka had a prose explanation which did not help me.

Your effort is marvellous, thank you. One can imagine the time and research you have invested to come up with this web site.

However I have two suggestions. Most of the time you have given the meaning of a phrase. I prefer word by word so that I do not have to guess. As you can imagine, my proficiency in Sanskrit is that of a beginners. Secondly, I have a feeling that the explanations are in the British English. There are times when one cannot simplify further, but for students like me, Reader's Digest level is easy to comprehend. If there is a second edition, I hope, my suggestions may be considered.

Thanks again for your super job.
Name: Bhama MohanWed, Jul 13, 2013

Namaste! I would like to introduce about me first. My name is Bhama. In the year 2008 I learnt Narayaneeyam slokas. After completing the class I used to chant in my house daily with other prayer slokas. I took sankalpam to read atleast one dasakam daily. Till today I am following this sankalpam. Now I could chant atleast ten dasakams daily. In June 2013 I attended one Narayaneeyam sapthaha upanyasam. It was very very wonderful. After this I thought if I get word by word meaning of Narayaneeyam, it will be very useful to me. I don't know whether it is coincidence or Lord Krishna has given reply to me through you. I don't know how can I express my gratitude to you. I saw the meanings of entire 1036 slokas of Narayaneeyam. Vow! How much easy to do parayanam as well as to byheart the slokas. Once again I thank you for this wonderful work you have done and I am very very grateful to you for ever. I started chanting the same by understanding the meanings. I hope I could byheart the slokas and would like to start teaching to the interested bhakthas as a service.
Name: Seshambal SathyavasuSat, Jun 1, 2013

Dear Sir

I came across your wonderful site and have started reading the word by word meanings. It is a wonderful experience.

I had the privilege of learning to chant this Epic (upto Sri Krishna Jananam) from Late Guruji Sri M R Venkateswaran. Thereafter, he was too feeble to teach our group. With the help of his CD, our small group learnt the chanting of the balance.

I wish to clarify some doubts from you.

In Dashakam 45, two slokas (11 and 12) are added while chanting which are probably not in the original Narayaneeyam. Can you please clarify how it was added and also give the meaning for the two slokas. I am attaching a word file with the slokas.

Thanks in advance for your clarification.
With regards

Name: Gopalkrishnan K.P.Wed, Jan 9, 2013

I have been fortunate to see your Narayaneeyam translation in Hindi. Have you published the same in book format and if so where can i get the same. I am resident of Bengaluru.
Name: Ashwin KThu, Oct 18, 2012

Dear Madam,

I am a college student based in Baltimore, MD USA. I visited your website today and was amazed by the way the amount of information was presented. Reading shlokas and meanings from the website really gives easy access. Narayaneeyam is bhakthi filled in nature and your meanings and carefully selected words have given an ornamental make up to the shlokas.

Thank you very much for the divine service. Hare Krishna!
Name: RavindranathFri, Jul 20, 2012

It was wonderful to see the word by word meaning.
Thank you
Pl let em know how to download teh same
Name: SathyanFri, May 25, 2012

I happened to see the website with word meaning ( sandhi viched) .. it makes easy for person to read and also understand the word meaning while reading also.. I thank you for the same.
Name: JayaSun, May 20, 2012

wonderful site! I especially like the word by word translations and decompositions of the Sanskrit.
Name: K E RamanFri, Mar 2, 2012

I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratefulness for the noble work you have done.

Just would like to know whether it is possible to have the download of the files ?

With regards

Prof K E Raman
BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa campus,
Goa 403726
Name: Veena KudvaThu, Dec 15, 2011

Namaste Smt Asha,

I personally want to thank you for creating this webiste and contributing for readers who like us who are abroad. I live in Vancouver and one of great person recommended me to go through this. Although I dont know sanskrit so well the english version is very helpful. I have visited Gurvayoor but never knew something great existed.

I thank you once again from the bottom of my heat for sharing such a wounderful Stotra.

Kind Regards,
Name: S. ParthasarathyThu, Nov 11, 2010

Please accept my pranaams. IN the whole internet, I could find your material regarding Sri Naaraayaneeyam as the most convenient one.
That is because the verses have been split grammatically for beginners such as me to recite with out any hastles.
Name: Sundararajan GirijaMon, Aug 16, 2010

The website dedicated to Narayaneeyam with meaning is really commendable.
Name: Sindhu SarilFri, Jul 2, 2010

I visting the site It is an excellent effort in bringing Bhakti back into people's heart in this Kaliyuga.
Name: Krishna PriyaSun, Apr 18, 2010

Thanks a million for presenting such valuable url.
Name: NaliniMon, Mar 8, 2010

We, at IISc, are learning Narayaneeyam during our lunch hour and when we found your website with word to word meanings, we were very happy. We have just started it, but we find it very good and helpful. Thanks a lot for such a great effort.
Name: Usha VenkateshThu, Dec 3, 2009

My humble prostrations at the lotus feet of Lord Guruvayoorappan and sincere thanks to you for bringing out this site. I have just started ‘learning’ to read the great epic ‘Shriman Narayaneeyam’ as a group study along with a few like-minded friends. I have read the whole of Narayaneeyam about 3 or 4 times on my own (once with English synopsis of each verse), but have not been satisfied.

This sparked an urge in me to find a guru or to share/group study with few others. Though none of us know Sanskrit as a spoken language, we read the script as we have all learnt Hindi. We try to decipher the meanings of each word or group of words with the help of Sanskrit dictionary, guessing meanings from the English synopsis etc… but are struggling.

I happened to just now, stumble on to your site and lo ! I feel blessed. The lucid way in which you have given the meanings of words/group of words makes is sooooo very simple. My heartfelt thanks to you & your Guru who has taught you so well! I will religiously follow meanings from the first chapter and progress further. I eagerly await the addition of further dashakas.
Name: Radha Rangarajan (Jakarta, Indonesia)Fri, Sep 11, 2009

How can I explain the immense happiness I have now when I stumbled upon your wonderful site Today morning I was just thinking as to how to keep Narayaneeyam Parayanam for Dec 13 2009 on the Narayaneeyam day. While I have the gist of meaning of every Narayaneeyam slokam already, I was thinking how would it be if word-by-word translation is given on the web.

All these years I have browsed several days over the subject and such a thing never was available. Now when I came across your site it was like Lord Guruvayurappan answering my thoughts. Hantha Bhaagyam Janaanaam! Thank you so much for your wonderful work and I eagerly look forward for your uploading further Dasakams.
Name: Lalitha SanatkumarTue, Aug 4, 2009

When we began the CompleteNarayaneeyam project, we too were keen to include the phrase-wise meanings, but due to insufficient knowledge of Sanskrit, we had to stay content with the brief meaning of the shlokams.

This work by Smt. Murarka to bring the detailed phrase-wise meanings on the Internet is indeed praiseworthy. We wish her all success in completing all the 100 Dasakas at the earliest.

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